• Launch of YDA Nepal with the website, forum and newsletter. The announcement was sent to over 2000 people and posted on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. (15 December 2018)
  • Constitution signed at the notary and YDA registered in the Nepal government home ministry, CDO office Kathmandu. (3 Oct 2018)
  • First YDA board meeting in IOM Campus, Kathmandu, Nepal (12 January 2018)


  • First Annual General Meeting (March 16, 2019)
  • College of Physician and Surgeons of Nepal (CPSN) initiative.
  • YDA DR (Disaster Response) initiative.
  • YDA State Committee formation
  • YDA Medical Students Wing and International Extension.
  • Salary, Security and Specialization – 3’s movement


  • College of Physician and Surgeons of Nepal (CPSN) registration.
  • Gautam Buddha International Covid-19 Hospital (GBICH).


  • Nepal Doctors Federation – a parent organization and joint venture of doctors Professional & Non-Profit Organizations.