Mission & Vision



मिती २०७४/०९/२८ गते शुक्रबार महाराजगन्ज मेडिकल क्याम्पसमा आयोजित युवा चिकित्सक तथा बिध्यार्थी को भेलाले Young Doctors Association, Nepal गठन गरी उचित Salary, Security & Specialization – 3(S) जस्ता न्यनतम आवश्यकता को लागि सबन्धित निकायलाई दबाव दिने साथै अन्य निन्मलिखित बूँदा मा छलफल गरी निर्णय गरियो।

  • Central Exam: Common National Level Entrance Exam for MBBS/BDS & PG. Like, All Nepal Medical College Admission Test (AN-MCAT) for MBBS/BDS entrance which shall be standardized & competitive in this level with threshold of 75% for quality control. Avoid Reservation, Strictly merit based selection. Once determined eligible for medical education government shall be equally responsible for majority mass failing or lack of Specialization opportunities thereafter.
  • Salary – Starting salary of doctors Minimum 100K per month (Maximum 42 hours duty/week), Overtime payment besides that. (Purposed Salary MBBS/MD/DM=1/2/3 Lacs per month). Consultation fee MBBS/MD/DM= 500/750/1K. Recommend salary for all professions is atleast monthly 2% of the education fee of the respective courses. 40K per month for Intern doctors, 1% of the total MBBS fee implement by the government of Nepal. Scientific salary scale with consideration  taken in account of investment (Time, Labor & Money). Salary scale of doctorate degree, phd or equivalent. Salary scale as of SAARC countries like india, Pakistan or Maldives etc. Reasonable salary for other health professionals. Failer to pay such salary/stipend, hospital registration shall be terminated immediately. Scholarship bond shall not be more than 2 years for MBBS/MD.
  • Security – Doctors Protection Act. Anti Violent rule inside hospital premises. Government should take necessary measures to provide adequate security to the doctors and health personnels.
  • Specialization – On Job Residency training is right of all doctors. Avoid unnecessary restrictions implemented. PG should be completely bond & fee free with reasonable stipend. Equalize MBBS & PG seats introducing Fellowship programs in Tertiary/District/Zonal hospitals under College of Physicians & Surgeons Nepal (CPSN) or NAMS. Hospitals only with PG Training/Residents shall be recognized as Tertiary/Grade A level hospital. Speciality Centers in every State, PGIMER hospital in every district. Hospital must run free 3 year Residency Training Programs to get accreditation for MBBS/BDS considering other requirements are meet. Subsidized tax for the hospitals with Residency/Fellowship Training Programs. Medical colleges should be given MBBS seats based on their caliber to train PG. MBBS seats shall not exceed PG seats of an institution. Remove compulsory 1 year work experience for PG Entrance Exam.
  • Miscellaneous – On Job Training (OJT) doctors. At least a doctor per every VDC, Specialty Hospitals in every state. Free medical treatment for doctors, Health insurance policy. Social security like pensions. Regulate antibiotics & paramedics practice, Pharmacy/Lab ownership authority. Zero tolerance against malpractice and quackery. All licensed doctor should be eligible for NMC/NMA elective body. Public awareness programs, Medical journalism. Health camp and Disaster Relief Rapid Response Team (911). Common Professional Regulation Commission (PRC). One doctor one institution policy, Quality Health Services to all citizens of Nepal 🇳🇵 etc.


YDA Nepal Triads (3’s): Salary, Security & Specialization

YDA Nepal Pentad (5’s): Social Service & Single Entry/Exit

YDA Nepal Ad ons (6‘s): Service Structure